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This app is created by three Ukrainians passionate about app development and healthy approaches to productivity.

We met at a company where we worked together on a project, and it turned out we shared a lot of the same values and interests. While in our careers, we eventually went our separate ways, we kept in contact and decided to build a product of our own. We’re building Arcush in our spare time and commit to it without any corporate pressure.

The idea behind Arcush

As productivity enthusiasts, we’ve tried and tested plenty of techniques and tools. There are a lot of them on the market, yet we couldn’t find an app that would help individuals get more productive and wouldn’t be overcomplicated with fancy design, flashy features, or AI gimmicks.

So, we wanted to build something simple, stress-free yet powerful for helping people get a hold of their schedule, get more organized, and, ultimately, accomplish more. Since we ourselves experienced the game-changing impact of the time-blocking technique on our productivity, that’s what we put at the core of our app. We’ve combined a to-do list and a calendar to create a sleek, minimalistic daily planner that allows users to visualize their plans and commitments.

The result is Arcush: in Ukrainian, “аркуш” ([ˈarkʊʃ]) means “a sheet of paper” and is often used as a metaphor for a clean state that gets filled with something—in our case, tasks and other daily plans. Arcush lets you schedule tasks and write down ideas, and also has some little tricks that will help you reach your ideal productivity in a truly stress-free way.

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