Plan smarter
with Arcush

Simple, stress-free way to manage your daily schedule
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Minimalistic app to get you more productive

Arcush gives you a super fast and simple way to organize your schedule. We enhance your focus with essentials to add and manage various tasks and activities.


Write down your ideas

Put your ideas to Inbox and deal with them later. But don’t let them just pile up there: Arcush’ Inbox Zero automatically clears out the tasks you don’t schedule so that you can focus on really important things.

Use the unlimited room for ideas
Don’t feel overburdened thanks to auto-decluttering
Get back to overdue tasks anytime you feel like it

Sync calendars

Sync your calendars to get a holistic view of your schedule. Reserve particular time slots in the work calendar for others to not distract you.

Seamless sync with any calendar
Single place for work tasks and personal events
Blocked off “focus time”
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Improve your daily planning

Arcush lets you personalize the look of your timeline, manage repeating activities, and more—all of that at ease.

Task colors

Set different colors to tasks to make your schedule look picture-perfect


Get notified about upcoming or overdue tasks to stay ahead of your schedule

Quick add

Have all task settings on a single screen and start adding from a widget

Recurring tasks

Easily create and manage recurring tasks of different frequency

Download your daily planner

Get the stress out of planning and get more productive.
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